Cannabis Reports Cannabis API

Empowering an Open Cannabis Future


Available for educators, businesses, and programmers to promote unbiased and substantial cannabis information.


Foundational information on over 20,000 strains, products and companies can power sites, apps and internal business tools.


The API provides access to expansive data, connecting information on strains, products, brands, locations, and pricing.


The Cannabis Reports API is supported by our constantly expanding database, with new cannabis information added everyday.


The Cannabis Reports database was built specifically for cannabis, linking meaningful industry data to improve accessibility.


Complete and interactive API documentation that communicates the many possibilities of organized cannabis data.

Power Your Content

The Cannabis Reports API can be used to power any of your apps, websites, and internal business tools. Harness the API to automatically update content displayed on your online platforms, with access to the world's largest cannabis database.

Check out our documentation to discover how you can get started.

Built from the Ground Up

Our open API gives developers access to our ever-growing database of over 20,000 strains, products, seed companies, producers, and dispensaries. Comprehensive cannabis data provides a substantial foundation for improved industry tools.

Start making requests right away in our interactive API documentation to get started.

Get Started, or Get Your API Key

You can make requests in our API documentation or in your browser to start exploring. For an API key with higher limits, provide a bit of info below.